martes, 17 de junio de 2014

"Burberry Prorsum Spring Summer 2015" London Fashion Week

                                                        BURBERRY  PRORSUM
      "One of the most shocking, amazing and happiest collection of London FW SS 2015".
Not even words can describe this feeling. That piano playing, that emotion comming out and our heart beating, without knowing what to expect, when suddenly the first outfit comes out, with the sunlight reflecting over each garment. The long wait has come to the end, a huge smile suddenly appears over my face im having one of the happiest times in my life, my favorite label in the whole fashion industry makes me live my dream. my own rain-tale. This is the place where i belong, is my home. Its all what we expected and more, it was romantic, colorful and a collection easy to love; we enjoyed it, we loved it, and we felt it was ours, our personality our passion and our chic way of living definetly one of the most waited and amazing collections of the London Fashion Week. "Long live Burberry!".            

Exciting, colorful, chic!, simply marvelous. This like all the other things Cristopher Bayley has created, have  proved  why he is in charge of Burberry Maison, he brought a lot of memories to my mind of my fashion begginings, and while I look outside of the window of the car i realized how amazing and charming fashiom world can be. The world is beautiful, there are good things and Burberry just remids us it all!. On revoir mes amies!. Jacobo Lopez

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